Artificial Grass Maintenance Tools to Consider in Sarasota

January 26, 2023

One of the largest advantages of artificial grass is the fact it involves less maintenance than natural grass. But that doesn’t mean there is no maintenance or upkeep at all. To guarantee durability and great looks, it is vital to take small steps to maintain it. Having a couple of important tools will help make this upkeep simple. Most Sarasota home or business owners already have a few of these tools around the house. Here are the items we recommend you have on hand.


Plastic Rake

It’s essential that you NEVER use any rakes that have sharp ends on artificial turf. These rakes will rip the mesh backing and can cause irreparable harm to your grass. Plastic rakes should be your preferred choice for raking up fallen debris or waste.


Leaf Blower

A leaf blower can make clearing debris from the yard even easier! You can use gasoline-powered or electric. However, electric is a more environmentally-friendly option, and you do not have to worry about inadvertently spilling gas or oil on the grass. Consider purchasing a leaf blower that has a reverse option so you can use it like a vacuum, also.


Artificial Turf Brush

Raking is an often overlooked task in lawn maintenance. Cross-brushing your grass will help the individual strands stand tall and prevent discoloration and matting. Matting happens from overuse and can even cause the blades to begin breaking down faster than anticipated.


Garden Hose

The hose will play a vital role in keeping the turf looking and performing its best. If you have pets or decide on a cooling system for your turf like HydroChill, hosing down on any spills that might happen will keep spots away.


Turf Disinfectant

Purchasing turf cleaner is a smart way to keep your lawn looking and smelling fresh. We recommend chlorine dioxide-based cleaners. They work from the surface to break down bacterial membranes to disinfect. This product has speedier treatment at reduced strength, so it won't leave any dangerous residue.


Artificial Turf Cleaning Guide

With all these supplies handy, cleaning is made simple. Read our article that is all about keeping your imitation grass clean. It features several tips we have gathered from turf owners just like you to keep your grass looking great.

If you ever have additional questions about maintaining your turf or have suggestions we can feature in our articles, we would love to get a message from you. Contact us today.