FAQs About Our Residential Grass in Sarasota

Certainly, our artificial residential grass is designed to handle heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent pick for Sarasota households with youngsters and pets.
Maintenance for artificial grass is simple. Regular brushing to keep the blades standing and occasional hosing down to clear debris are usually all that is needed to keep the lawn looking its best.

lYes! Our residential grass is safe for kids and pets. It is free from harmful chemicals and allergens regularly found in organic grass, providing a comfortable and safe play surface. We suggest checking out our pet turf solutions or playground turf for children and pets.

Our residential grass is engineered to perform well in a variety of weather conditions, including dry and hot, cold and wet, and everything in between. The turf’s UV stability lets it keep its color and appearance even in harsh sunlight.

Shawgrass doesn’t require any watering to keep its healthy and green appearance, unlike live grass. This is why it’s an eco conscious pick that helps conserve water resources.

Absolutely, our residential grass can be installed on slopes and uneven terrain. That said, proper installation techniques are required to guarantee sufficient stability and drainage.

Artifical pet turf is odor-resistant, reducing any common odors caused by pet urine. However, regular rinsing and care are necessary to prevent the buildup of odor. In cases of persistent odors, specialized cleaners or odor-neutralizing solutions may be used to maintain a fresh smelling outdoor environment for your four-legged family members.

We have numerous infill materials for different installation circumstances. These include silica sand, rubber infill, and organic infill options.
Of course, our residential grass may be personalized to meet your aesthetic preferences, including color, pile height, and texture. This allows Sarasota homeowners to create a lawn that complements their outdoor space perfectly.
While Shawgrass can be installed by DIY enthusiasts, installation by professionals is encouraged to get intended results. Professional installers have the experience and knowledge to correctly prep the site and install the grass for long-lasting performance.
Yes, our synthetic grass resists pests and insects, removing the need for harmful pesticides and insecticides commonly used on organic grass.
Absolutely, Shawgrass has a warranty to give Sarasota homeowners peace of mind. The details of the warranty may vary by product, so read the warranty information for your preferred grass variety.