With Dance Floor Custom Greens and Shawgrass The Grass is Greener in Riverview

Dance Floor Custom Greens presents Shawgrass commercial, residential, pet, and recreational turf with the exceptional innovation you expect from Shaw Industries. With a celebrated record as a manufacturer, Shawgrass products stay true to their legacy of quality and satisfaction.

So if you’re hanging out in the backyard, heighten your curb appeal at home or the office, or searching for a superior solution for your pets, Dance Floor Custom Greens and Shawgrass have you covered.

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innovation matters

With a devoted research and development center focused on creating products that make an impression, Shawgrass from Dance Floor Custom Greens blazes the trail in innovating artificial landscape.

designers and architects

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american owned & operated

When you buy a Shawgrass product from Dance Floor Custom Greens, your turf includes a Shaw-backed warranty and our pledge to provide you with the absolute best products from our top-tier manufacturing facilities.