FAQs About Our Pet Turf

Absolutely. Our synthetic pet grass is specifically crafted to emphasize pet safety. It contains no hazardous chemicals or substances that could harm your furry friends. Furthermore, our turf is created to be resilient, guaranteeing it can handle your pets' use without compromising their well-being.

Picking artificial pet turf offers several benefits over live grass. First and foremost, it needs little maintenance compared to real grass, saving you a lot of work. Artificial turf is also highly resilient, standing up to extreme animal activity without using fertilizers or pesticides. Our synthetic pet turf is made with pet safety in mind, free from dangerous chemicals or toxins typically found in natural grass.

Yes, our artificial turf for pets is crafted to mimic the appearance and touch of real turf, offering your pets with a comfortable and fun outdoor adventure. They can run, have fun, and chill out on the grass just like they would on natural turf, giving them a safe and welcoming outdoor environment.
Unlike organic grass, artificial pet turf creates hostile environment for flea, ticks, and other pests. Even though some pests may linger, routine maintenance, such as getting rid of debris and regular cleaning, can successfully diminish their presence. Keeping the artificial grass free from debris and clean guarantees a cozy and bug-free environment for your animals.
Cleaning artificial pet turf is straightforward and effortless. You can easily remove dirt, debris, and waste by rinsing the grass with water. For more thorough cleaning, gentle detergents can be used without harming the turf. Routine maintenance makes sure your artificial pet turf stays tidy and odor-free.
Our synthetic pet turf is engineered to handle pet activities, including digging. Although occasional digging might occur, our robust turf is designed to minimize any damage. For repeated diggers, we suggest training or deterrent strategies in order to prevent such behavior.
Artificial pet turf is odor-resistant, minimizing any odors caused by pet waste. However, frequent upkeep and cleaning are essential to prevent odors from accumulating. In situations where odors persist, specialized cleaning solutions or solutions that neutralize odors can be applied to keep a pleasant outdoor atmosphere for your furry companions.
Artificial pet turf is engineered to be strong and long-lasting, with a life expectancy of as long as 15 years with proper upkeep. Variables such as how often it's used and care routines can influence the turf's durability. Be confident that the UV-resistant turf is built to endure diverse weather, providing years of fun for you and your pets.
While you can install turf by yourself, we suggest engaging a specialist to guarantee the project is done right. Our professional team at Dance Floor Custom Greens can help you design and install an artificial grass solution that meets your unique needs.
The price of synthetic pet turf installation can change based on variables like turf variety, area size, and extra features. We offer a large selection of artificial pet turf options to suit different budgets and preferences. For a personalized quote for your individual needs, be sure to reach out to us.
Although installing by yourself is possible, we recommend professional installation for ideal results. The team of specialists at Sarasota guarantees proper installation, maximizing the life and performance of your synthetic pet turf. We're here to help you with building a safe and inviting outdoor environment for the benefit of your cherished pets.