Research and Development

With testing procedures and protocols that surpassed those of even the most stringent independent labs, Shawgrass’s Research and Development Center is at the front of innovation in making better functioning, healthier, and more durable synthetic turf fields. The Research and Development team is made up of creative minds who constantly search for new ways to develop better playing surfaces.

The Best Turf Around

A brand is a promise made to a customer, and the Shaw name makes a particularly powerful promise. As the top producer of tufted products internationally, Shawgrass understands how to make turf. You’ll receive the quality of the Shaw brand, as well as the aesthetic perks you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Our 75,000 square-foot laboratory is the biggest and most expansive in the industry. The lab houses a “pilot” experimental manufacturing plant with narrow-width versions of machines used in our manufacturing facilities. These machines give our R&D team the ability to run initial trials like no one else in the industry is able to. The pilot plant’s equipment is used for texturizing, tufting, twisting, coating, yarn development, and air entangling.

The R&D team can also access a huge turf performance lab with all the necessary equipment necessary to test all the durability and performance characteristics that our clients care about. Because of our dedication to research and development, Shawgrass products are considered the best in the industry and grant customers assurance in knowing their synthetic turf installation is cutting-edge.

450+ 1 Logo

To ensure you get a quality surface, we put all of our turf through more than 450 quality & efficiency tests.

Almost everyone is happy with their synthetic turf when it is installed. But what about in 5+ years? Shawgrass’s 450+ONE certification ensures the quality you look for and deserve to extend the lifetime of your installation without lessening performance and aesthetics.

See More of Our Innovative Ways


We know that synthetic turf surfaces can get hot. In consideration of this, Shawgrass has made a product to cool synthetic lawns through an innovative development called HydroChill®.


Using Geofill, a soil-like infill made from natural materials with innate cooling properties, you can improve your yard's curb appeal while staying low maintenance.

Shawgrass is committed to innovation in the turf industry. Some of the top baseball programs in the country like the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Texas Rangers, the Miami Marlins, and the Tampa Bay Rays have given their trust to our sister brand Shaw Sports Turf with giving their high-quality solutions, and you can have that same class for your turf project too. Live on what they play on with Shawgrass!

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