Artificial Turf For Pets in Sarasota

August 23, 2021

Guide for choosing the best artificial grass for pets.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Having a puppy doesn’t mean you need to surrender your goal of owning a gorgeous, green lawn. You just have to pick the right kind of turf. Artificial turf will address common problems such as:

Brown Spots

Urine from pets contains high nitrogen content and pH levels, which causes grass to burn and leave brown spots. With synthetic grass, you will no longer have a spotted lawn. Artificial turf fibers won’t become discolored if they come in contact with pet excrements, either.


Unlike natural grass with individual blades growing from the soil, artificial turf has a backing that holds all the fibers together. This deters your furry friend from trying to dig in the backyard and destroying your perfectly manicured lawn.


Synthetic grass has a naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial surface so ants, ticks, and fleas are not interested in living in your yard — no pests in your yard, no pests for your pet to carry inside your home.


The entirely permeable, nonabsorbent base of artificial grass enables it to drain cleaner and better than regular turf. Spills and pet litter can be cleaned by flushing the spot with a water hose. Since synthetic turf is inorganic, it does not demand water to preserve a green, luxuriant look throughout the year. Not to mention, it never needs to be trimmed.


Not needing frequent mowing and watering also implies that your dog will never bring in mud or grass clippings from your lawn. Needless to say, a neatly-kept lawn also contributes to a tidy house. It’s also antibacterial by nature.

Why Artificial Over Organic Grass?

Shawgrass turf is permeable and installed over a densely-packed subbase. When your pet goes to the potty on the grass, it first comes into contact with the top layer (fiber and infill). Water-resistant fibers and coated infill resist the absorption of fluid. This allows bacteria and waste to drain through the turf naturally.

In addition to making pet ownership easier, synthetic grass extends extra benefits to barefooted loved ones, too. Here are some more reasons you will love artificial grass.

Safe & Non-toxic

Our fibers and infill are expertly developed to last a lifetime and are perfectly safe for baby feet and puppy paws.


Weed and grass allergens associated with natural turf will be eliminated.

Chemical-Free Maintenance

Protect your pet’s health by eliminating the need for lawn fertilizers and pesticides.

Cushioned Infill

Cushioned infill creates a safer area to run and play without fear of hard falls.

Significantly Decreased Bills

Paying someone to look after your lawn? Eliminate costly watering and maintenance bills.

Luxurious & Natural-Looking

Shawgrass solutions are developed from the best raw materials and is UV-fade resistant, leaving you with a trendy look for years ahead.

Keep It Cool

The HydroChill™ feature makes it the coolest synthetic grass in the community.

Wave Goodbye To Traditional Grass

Whether you have children or pets — small or large — Dance Floor Custom Greens is without a doubt the finest option for pet and family-friendly synthetic grass in Sarasota. We know you'll appreciate the convenience and beauty of synthetic turf all year round..

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