Backyard Putting Greens in Sarasota, FL: What You Should Know

June 08, 2022


Whether you are just planning to get into golf, or think you're a professional, installing a putting green in your lawn can help improve your short game. Plus, it makes a fun attraction for family and friend gatherings. Read on to know more regarding installing a Shawgrass backyard putting green at your Sarasota home.

Why Go With Synthetic Grass?

While it is completely possible to have a conventional turf putting green area on your property, artificial grass takes the win for ease and convenience. Some of the sensible benefits of going synthetic are:

Long-Lasting & Durable

Artificial grass is extremely durable these days, provided that you choose a trusted manufacturer. At Dance Floor Custom Greens, our Shawgrass turf systems are prepared by the same research and development team that is accountable for the world-renowned athletic fields created by Shaw Sports Turf. Our turf is guaranteed to handle heavy use, won’t fade from UV rays, and will last for a long time to come.

Special Designs

We can help you style your whole lawn, not just the putting green area. We’ll help you build a style as straightforward or as extraordinary as you desire it. You can involve residential grass for other areas of the backyard that won’t putting green or choose to install pet-specific turf for your four-legged loved ones.

Convenient Solution

When you put a putting green on your property, you can enjoy any slight extra time you may have to practice your putting game. [[You’ll|You will7700] save money by not having to commute to your golf club or favorite driving range. Just grab your clubs and hit the green! Additionally, you don’t need to mow, apply fertilizer or pesticides, or replant the grass to keep it looking great all year long.

Increase Property Value

Installing artificial grass should be considered a home enhancement investment since it will increase your property value. Your initial investment on artificial grass may be big  to start, but over the years, you will rapidly regain your investment and even save money in the long run. Check out our life cycle cost comparison analysis to discover what your return on investment could be.


Invest In Your Health

Physical activity outdoors has been related with decreased negative emotions and fatigue, increased energy, and more, as per this study. Even just a few hours a week can greatly improve your well-being. Here are several health-based benefits you will feel by setting up a putting green out back.

Improved Cognitive Ability

All sports have some cognitive advantages like improved concentration, improved focus, and increased problem-solving ability. Playing golf increases your pulse, which will help to better blood flow to the brain and body. Research suggests that higher heart rate from exercise can help nerve cell connections, which can delay mental constraints like dementia or Alzheimer’s. By working on your golf technique and score, you will naturally give yourself a confidence boost, too.

Lower Stress Levels

Golf is one of the best ways to relax when you come home a long day at work. Several people who have installed a putting green at their house find they have an simpler time changing from “work mode” to “relax mode.” It’s a good method to let the stress of the day go and let go of the tension that may have built up. You might discover that you will even have better sleep because consistent exercise also helps regulate your body.

Improve Your Concentration

Though you might enjoy the social aspect of the golf course or driving range, have you ever noted that you’re holding back if it gets too crowded? Are you getting the most out of your practice in these situations? When you have a green to practice at home, you can relax and focus on enhancing your putt.

Discover Your Flaws

When practicing at the range or course, it can be difficult to recognize your flaws. You might discover it is slightly more difficult to study your swing and how you manage your body during the motions of golfing. Practicing at home can give you the concentration you need to find your flaws so you can practice mastering your game and posture.

More Quality Family Time

A backyard putting green not only enhances your game, but it calls for a good activity the whole family can benefit from. It can make a good centerpiece for hosting parties for friends and family, too. Even first-timers can play simple games like seeing who can have the longest putt or who can make the most putts in a structured time frame.


Get The Greens

If you’re willing to begin planning your new backyard oasis, we’re here to assist you. Connect with us today for a free consultation so we can assist you get the putting green you deserve.