Beginners Guide to Choosing Artificial Grass

March 13, 2023

Artificial grass has become an increasingly popular alternative to live grass in Sarasota. With its minimal upkeep and long-lasting benefits, it's no wonder why many homeowners and businesses alike are making the switch. But with a plethora of choices on the market, it can be daunting to start shopping. In this beginner's guide, you’ll learn some vital elements to consider when choosing fake grass.



Before settling on a grass you like, you have to take into account why you want to install artificial grass. Trying to spruce up your home’s appearance? Looking for better options for your backyard because your dog is always digging? Just looking for a easy-to-care-for yard solution that will make your life easier? These are all wonderful reasons to seek out artificial grass. Knowing the particular purpose of your installation will help you choose the perfect choice for your needs.


Care & Upkeep

Something that both homeowners and commercial building managers can agree on is maintaining natural grass lawns is a lot of work. Shawgrass will get rid of the need to reseed regularly. So, if you love watering and mowing your lawn, our synthetic turf may not suit you. But if you want a beautiful lawn without the hassle of maintenance, our synthetic grass might be the perfect solution. Our synthetic lawn requires minimal maintenance.



Durability isn’t something to take for granted, and this is also true in the artificial grass industry too! As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for,” that’s very accurate when it comes to choosing turf. You might not think the area you’re installing it in has a lot of foot traffic… until you install an inferior turf material and start to notice discoloration, loose fibers, or damage. If you have pets or children that will be using the area frequently, we can’t speak highly enough of our pet turf and our playground grass. Both are great options for intense activity.


Turf Pile & Color

Synthetic grass comes in a wide array of tints and heights to recreate the grass that is popular in your region. The shape of the blades gives the overall look and feel of the grass, while the tallness will affect how it reacts to walking. To achieve the most realistic look, at Dance Floor Custom Greens, we choose Shawgrass dedicates themselves to research and develop the best grass for you. We want to make sure your new lawn has a natural texture to imitate real grass.



Artificial padding refers to the stuff that is added to the grass after installation that provides shock absorption, support, and ballast. This vital feature of synthetic turf also helps boost drainage and prevent fibers from becoming flat over repeated use. There are numerous options on the market for infill, so to get more information, you should read the post we wrote that explains what the different infill materials are and what they are commonly used for.


Backing Surface

The backing system of artificial grass is an essential element to consider. While you might not see it, it is the backbone of your turf surface. A subpar backing system will lead to inadequate water flow and durability issues. The backing also helps your grass blades look natural, resist wear and tear from foot traffic, and withstand the wear and tear of children and pets. You’ll end up needing to replace the turf more frequently with better materials.



Cost is one of the final determinators for choosing your artificial grass. We know how tempting it might be to go for the cheapest option, but you have to keep in mind that quality products will pay for themselves in the long run. You’ll have a lower need for replacement and fewer repairs. Artificial turf is an investment that you’ll easily recover your initial investment on. Check out our price lifecycle outline for more information.


Final Considerations

Choosing the ideal artificial grass for your demands can be a challenging task, but by evaluating these vital factors, you can pick the perfect fit. Whether you're looking to improve the appearance of your lawn or create a low-maintenance landscaping option for your business, Shawgrass has an artificial grass product that will meet your requirements. Check out our product selection guide for even more informative info on our specific synthetic grass options.


Request a Sample

As you may know seeing is believing (and touch and feel can be just as important). Do you want to see and touch our synthetic turf for yourself? Request a sample kit today! And please don't hesitate to contact us with any doubts! Our staff is ready to help.