How Artificial Turf Enhances Property Value in Sarasota

August 23, 2022

Synthetic grass won’t just deliver curb appeal to your front lawn, but it can also positively increase the resale value of your Sarasota home. Especially if you are in an region that experiences constant droughts. Read on to understand how synthetic grass installation can influence your property value.


Why Artificial Grass?

Houses with a vibrant landscape that doesn’t need much time or effort to keep it that way are high on the list of homebuyers across the country. Artificial turf offers the finest solution to this. Here’s why.

It Enhances Curb Appeal

When properly installed, artificial turf will give a home with a attractive look that will be there across any season and for years ahead. A quality turf won’t lose color in the sun or flatten with heavy use, which means it is a great pick for those patches in your yard that are not shaded from continuous sunlight or where children and pets will be having fun. You can still showcase live plants on the property edge without the trouble of constantly edging and eliminating weeds.


Preserve Water Resources

Fresh water usage is a major concern these days, and not only in areas where drought conditions are consistent. The EPA evaluation shows one-third of all public water is used for outdoor irrigation. Taking into account the national average of landscape watering is approximately nine billion gallons a day, we have to start living sustainably for the future. If you install artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about times of drought killing your lawn, and you can feel better about cutting back on your water usage.


Better ROI

Many people shy away from artificial grass when they initially start looking into it due to the initial cost can seem like a lot. But when you compute the cost of installation over the number of years you’ll [[have|own|enjoy10901] it and contrast that to the cost of maintaining traditional grass, you will see just how quickly you will get back your investment in savings. Remember to read our Life Cycle Cost Analysis about additional information.


Lower Effort To Maintain

Not only will fake grass decrease the amount of resources you spend on maintenance, but it requires much less time, too! You can say bye-bye to trimming, fertilizer, mowing and dealing with irritating fleas, ticks, and other insects. Keeping synthetic grass looking good is as easy as consistently removing free garbage (like leaves, sticks, etc.) and cleaning with a rake to perk the leaves back up from time to time. Check out our instructions to keep synthetic turf clean here.


Selecting Your Turf

At Dance Floor Custom Greens, we provide a broad range of Shawgrass synthetic grass products to pick from. Go through our products to see the type that is perfect for you.


Be the envy of the neighborhood with grass that’s ideal all year long.


Synthetic turf landscaping features unbeatable realism for any estate.


Our playground turf is designed for high-use play areas and gives the best in durability.

Pet Turf

Keep your animals safe with no need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

Active Lifestyle

No matter the sport, Shawgrass has you covered with our active lifestyle turf.


Performance turf products will stand up to the wear of an indoor facility that is in constant use.

Not sure which product is perfect for you? Our team is are here to assist! Call us when you’re prepared for a free consultation.