How to Prep For Synthetic Grass Installation

November 23, 2022

Artificial turf was previously created for sports applications, like the popular Astrodome. That paved the path for residential and business owners to start reaping the benefits of the turf emerging on the market. Artificial turf is quite different today than back in the 60s — it is softer, more realistic, and performs better compared to organic grass. If you are thinking about what kind of prep work you have to do to ensure a hastle-free project, keep reading.


Determine Ground Conditions

Figuring out the ground conditions in the particular part you’re considering installing synthetic grass is one of the initial steps to preparing for artificial turf installation. Finding out the soil type, how good is the drainage, and what aggregate has to be added are the right starting points. Getting the professionals in for this step can help save some hassle.


Prepare the Ground

To begin prepping for an artificial yard, you have to determine where it will be installed. Once you determine a rough outline, you have to measure the ground and mark out boundaries where you want the turf to end. You don’t have to be entirely exact in measurements, as your synthetic grass installer will perform more final measurements.


Remove Decorations or Plants

If you installed any yard decorations, it is essential to move these to a space out of the way for a fast installation. If you have plants you’d like to retain, check with your turf installer to learn how you can transfer them or keep them in the same place. They might need to make a personalized design for cutting turf around any bushes or trees you want to Retain.


Consider Drainage

Artificial turf drains better in comparison to regular grass, however you must still be cautious if any area of your lawn is prone to water pooling. If you have areas where that occurs, you have to think about installing a drainage system to make sure water flows out of your lawn.


Call the Professionals

Installing artificial turf can be undertaken as a do-it-yourself project, though more often than not, you will have unforeseen challenges, have to buy tools you’ll just need one time, or pay high rental prices on equipment. You can check out our article on why to hire pros here.

Here is a general outline of how the installation goes. 

  • Remove any grass and plants you don’t need
  • Install any irrigation or drainage systems if required
  • Level the surface and add a crushed aggregate layer for the base
  • Add a layer of cushioning to absorb shocks if being used (great for playgrounds)
  • Next, the synthetic turf material itself will be laid and fixed to the ground
  • Then we add infill made from fine-coated silica sand to provide an organic feeling
  • Finally, the grass will be rolled to create the sense of genuine bent grass

For a better understanding of how we install our grass, you can read our guidelines on this website.


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