Installing Artificial Grass Around Pools in Sarasota, FL

July 11, 2022

Summer is upon us, and we’re sure your pool is getting tons of use. But do you have to repeatedly mow your grass and trying to avoid getting cuttings into the pool? If so, artificial grass can assist ease that bother and recoup back your rate time you’re spending on lawn maintenance. Here are some of the best benefits of installing artificial grass around your pool.

  1. Reduce Hot Surfaces

    Asphalt, concrete, or brick that sits in the sun all day can get very hot. In fact, the temperature can get so high, that you can even get a second-degree burn from it. Hot surfaces can be particularly dangerous for people with neuropathy who have lost some nerve sensations. By the time they realize that they are walking on an area that’s warmed to a dangerous temperature, the damage can already be present. Synthetic turf can make sure you or your loved ones avoid these kinds of burns.

  1. Apply Less Chemicals

    Now that hazardous chemicals have been utilized for many years, we are experiencing their negative effects. Pesticides and herbicides can be poisonous for your family, pets included. If you use these pesticides on your lawn, they can easily get into your pool when you are spraying them or from bare feet when people get into the pool. In addition to being bad these chemicals can throw off the whole PH balance, causing you to need more pool chemicals to get your pool to a healthy level.

  1. Lower Mud & Mess

    Synthetic turf around your swimming pool will eliminate any dirty areas. Because, let’s be honest — kids will be kids — you can speak to them time and time again to not spray water, but they get excited, and water will splash out of your pool. Synthetic turf will help you say goodbye to muddy trail being drew throughout your home. Furthermore, because synthetic turf is developed for optimal drainage, you won't have puddles near the pool either.

  1. Improved Drainage

    Have you ever been hanging out by the pool, and your children try to playfully splash you? What about those cannonball jumps? No matter what the situation, you can expect areas surrounding the swimming pool to get splashed. Traditional grass around the poolside will accumulate puddles in low spots. And the poolside chemicals can sometimes ruin the grass. Because synthetic turf is designed with better drainage in mind, you’ll see pool water drain faster than natural turf.

  1. Fewer Slipping Accidents

    Poolsides can easily become slippery and very dangerous. Even if you attempt to put in place a strict “no running” rule, children will get excited and forget the rules. Hard materials and even organic turf surrounding the swimming pool can get so slippery when wet. Synthetic turf won’t get as slippery, thanks to its better drainage system, so you can have no doubt there will be fewer slipping accidents. Additionally, synthetic grass is more cushioned if a fall does happen.

  1. Decrease Water Consumption

    Water conservation is a hot topic, and for the right reason. Did you know that the EPA estimates that a third of all public water use is on gardening and yards? If you live in a drought-prone community, you might even be familiar with water conservation rules being occasionally implemented. Synthetic turf will assist you keep your water use minimized.

  1. Less Insects

    Insects and bugs love natural grass. They consume the grass blades and lay their eggs in the dirt. They can survive for generations in a tidy and fertilized backyard. If you fertilize your lawn, bugs will be lured to it even more because it makes their food source more nutritious. A healthy yard = tasty yard to bugs. Synthetic turf will cut down the number of insects in your lawn because it’s not an natural material that they can eat and survive in.

  1. Better Looking

    Artificial grass today looks so lifelike. While it did resemble a green plastic mat when it was introduced, technological advancements have made synthetic turf look realistic today. You can barely find any distinction among regular turf and synthetic turf today. Installing the grass around your pool or across your home will keep your lawn looking great 24/7.

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