Revamping the Hospitality Industry: Artificial Grass for Sarasota Hotels and Resorts

July 18, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, hotels and resorts continuously aim to create memorable experiences for their guests. As the demand for outdoor spaces and recreational areas continues to grow, hoteliers are confronted with the challenge of maintaining lush, green landscapes that enrich the overall ambiance of their establishments. This is where Shawgrass makes a difference, revolutionizing how hotels and resorts tackle landscaping and maintenance.

Looks Good All the Time

Artificial lawns and synthetic grass have come a long way in recent years, and Shawgrass stands at the forefront of this innovative industry. Our landscape solutions offer many benefits that make our products great for Sarasota hotels and resorts looking to completely makeover their outdoor areas into stunning, low-maintenance spaces.

The good looks of Shawgrass products are unmatched. Luxury artificial turf from Shawgrass has the look and texture of natural grass, creating a lush and inviting atmosphere for guests to indulge in. The vibrant green color and soft texture of their artificial grass enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor space, elevating the hotel's or resort's overall appearance.

Reduced Maintenance Work & Costs

One of the most impressive advantages of an artificial lawn is its ability to reduce maintenance costs. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn't need regular irrigation, mowing, or fertilizing. This means that you can save substantial money on water expenses, landscaping staff, and maintenance of equipment. By investing in Shawgrass, Sarasota hotels and resorts can shift their resources towards other aspects of their business, ultimately improving their bottom line.

The lower maintenance requirements of Shawgrass products also translate into significant time savings. Hotel and resort staff can focus their energy on providing exceptional guest experiences rather than spending countless hours maintaining the outdoor spaces. This enhances productivity and allows for a more efficient allocation of resources, ensuring that all areas of the establishment get the attention they deserve.

Increased Safety Standards

Safety is another essential aspect of outdoor recreation areas in hotels and resorts. Shawgrass' synthetic turf is made with safety in mind, giving you a long-lasting and reliable surface for many activities. The turf is designed to be non-skid, providing a secure environment for guests to enjoy outdoor games, yoga classes, or simply walking around. Shawgrass products are built to hold up to heavy foot traffic and severe weather conditions, ensuring long performance and peace of mind for companies and their guests.

Get Completely Customized Designs

Artificial grass spaces can be adapted to fit each hotel or resort's unique needs and tastes. Whether it's a rooftop oasis, a swimming pool area, or a sprawling garden, Shawgrass provides tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with the existing landscape design. The flexibility of their synthetic turf enables hoteliers to create unique and captivating outdoor spaces that reflect their brand identity and meet the desires of their guests.

Choose Shawgrass For Your Business

As the demand for outdoor recreation areas in Sarasota keeps growing, hotels and resorts must evolve and revamp their outdoor spaces to meet changing guest preferences. Shawgrass provides the perfect solution with its artificial lawn and synthetic turf offerings. Our products' remarkable aesthetics, lower maintenance expenses, and focus on safety make them a game-changing addition for the hospitality industry. By choosing Dance Floor Custom Greens and Shawgrass, Sarasota hotels and resorts can transform their outdoor areas into inviting and dynamic spaces that leave a lasting impression on guests, ultimately taking the guest experience to new heights and setting themselves apart from their competitors. Get a free consultation for your project today.