Select Synthetic Grass For Sarasota Commercial Properties

December 27, 2022

When you think about artificial turf, the first thing that probably comes to mind is football stadiums and fully manicured front yards. But these days, loads of Sarasota business and facility managers are making the switch to artificial turf for office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, resorts, and more. It offers a clean look year-round minus the expensive regular maintenance. Take a look at some of the best benefits of using artificial turf for commercial spaces and get ideas on how to use it for your property.



ADA Accessible

Shawgrass has turf choices that are ADA Accessible and IPEMA Certified so that all users can easily access the turf. The ADA mandates floors to be solid and slip-resistant, and we’ve designed it specifically for that application. Our artificial grass is soft and strong enough to handle high traffic such as wheelchairs, crutches, canes,and walkers, without the fear of those that struggle with mobility slipping.

Conserves Water

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that about a third of all public water consumption goes to water grass lawns in the United States. More water can be consumed in really dry regions, which causes a significant problem for our freshwater sources. Synthetic grass removes the requirement for watering amidst dry spells. Instead, you’ll only have to use water every so often to wash away spills or debris. This will enable you to minimize the negative environmental footprint your business faces.


Low Maintenance

Yard maintenance might be an expensive affair for your business, particularly if it is in a region with high foot traffic. Grass that is walked on repeatedly will need replanting to keep it green and lush. Whether you contract to maintain your commercial lawn or hire an outside source to do it, you will be able to reduce your costs and time expended on maintenance.


Attractive Always

You only get one chance to make a first impression — both in business and your private life. The look of your business is one of the first things that people will experience before you can even offer clients a chance to learn how you might be a great fit for them. A beautiful storefront will ensure you get more of the right kind of customers. Like it or not, your business is continuously being assessed, so if you can keep it attractive, it helps a lot!

Where to Install

Communal Areas

From office buildings to community facilities to hotel entries, artificial turf is a great addition to communal areas that get heavy foot traffic. It will enhance the visual appeal without spending time, energy, and money to keep it appearing good.


Play Areas

Playgrounds in public parks, private apartments, or community schools are a fantastic way to provide kids a gorgeous and safe play space. This advanced turf system, with engineered padding, can readily be combined with the HydroChill cooling option to offer artificial grass solutions unlike any other in the market.

Dog Parks/Kennel Services

If you manage a pet park or kennel service, you understand just how fast dogs can annihilate regular grass. They prefer to run around, dig, and use it as a toilet. Pet turf is a superb answer for places that dogs will use. Pet grass will ensure animal safety from harmful fertilizers and pesticides and is a piece of cake to wash.



Swimming pool edges can be quite slippery due to all the water that sprays out. Artificial grass is tailormade for swimming pools since it provides improved drainage and superior grip than concrete. High Quality turf won’t stain or fade in the sun, even while exposed to pool chemicals.


Building Entrances

Whether your business is a resort, a car dealership, or a standard storefront, synthetic grass can provide your business a new look. As a business owner, you you have a lot to deal with, so making the primary investment into artificial grass is a wonderful way to take one worry off your plate — lawn maintenance.


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