Spend Less Time On Your Yard & More Time With Your Family

January 31, 2022

Lawn care demands so much more than simply mowing the lawn. A lush lawn needs clearing weeds, aeration, composting, seeding, spraying sufficient water… and much more. So, if you want to stop spending so much of your time caring for your lawn and want to concentrate on your family and kids, we advise you to consider artificial turf!

Benefits to Artificial Turf


Installing fake grass on your property is the fastest way to gain back your weekends. Now, you will not have to waste your time off sweating over mowing your grass or pulling weeds from the lawn. Hydrating and nourishment products will become history too. Once your artificial grass is fixed, you’ll be able to focus your attention on other home projects.

Just Like The Real Thing

Some synthetic grass can be itchy and rough, but with Shawgrass residential turf from Dance Floor Custom Greens, you can still take off your shoes and enjoy the real grass feel. Our products are created to give the appearance and feel of real grass without the hassle of maintenance. Our artificial turf is made from the best materials right here in the USA to give you only the best.


Shawgrass remains durable year after year. The grass will not compress with heavy foot traffic and you don’t worry about it fading in sun light, because of our advanced technical knowledge. Our products' development is done under the guidance of experts who build superior playing fields for Shaw Sports Turf. So, if you want to live on what professional athletes play on, we’ve got you covered!

Superior Quality

Artificial turf is designed to be resilient, but the product is only as good as the materials used. All decisions at Shaw are settled with care that those decisions are taken by determining those touched by the judgements the most. This empowers us to make sure that products are held to the Shaw building benchmarks while offering buyers the best experience.

No Pests

Lawns are hotbeds for those scary pests and allergy inducing weeds to take control. Because make sure to water lawns and keep them fertilized, they look wonderful, however, this charms insects that adore grass. Since artificial grass isn’t a product of nature, it automatically wards off flies, unwanted plants, and other creatures. There is no nourishment to attract creatures, and wild plants cannot to build deep roots into the grass.


Achieve that impeccably maintained lawn without spending too much of of your time, water, and chemicals with artificial grass. The most distinguishing feature of artificial grass is that you can select from various colors and varieties of grass. Our experts can collaborate with you to make a bespoke retreat for your Sarasota home. No matter what the season is, you can take pleasure in owing a beautiful yard with least energy needed to maintain it.

Fun Activities For Your Family Instead

Lawn maintenance demands a lot more than simply mowing the lawn. When you invest in artificial grass, you will be saving a lot of time for your family. Here are some interesting games that you can enjoy instead — and yes, lawn games are still wonderful on artificial turf!

Toss Games

Starting from ring toss to bean bag toss to ladder toss, you can put in a dose of of fun to your time together with these entertaining activities.


An enjoyable sport played in the backyard for two to eight players with the easiest setup. Bocce ball is a perfectly enjoyable sport that is appreciated by younger and older family members alike.

Ball Games

Ball games offer a plethora of choices ranging from football to T-ball and soccer! Take the time to play your beloved sport with your spouse and kids.


Also called Wickets, croquet is another game that is easy to set up and that can be played by people of all ages. Most sets come with game equipment for as many as six players.

Water Balloons

If you thought water balloons are only for balloon fights, you are in for a surprise. Enjoy water balloon spoon games, design tracks with obstacles through which you take your water balloons, and several similar fun activities.

Capture the Flag

Seize the flag is a great choice when you have many players. If you want to put a new spin on the game, get kits with night-glow features for those bright summer nights.

Obstacle Courses

You can create fun obstacle courses with so many things. Make use of hoops or cones, make toy tunnels, or just set up any obstacle your imagination comes up with. For that added excitement, let your children set up the course.

Free your Days

Dance Floor Custom Greens has recreational, residential, pet, and commercial turf intuitive excellence from Shaw Industries. Are you ready to learn more about artificial grass installation? Get in touch with us today for more information.