Most Important Synthetic Turf Installation Queries for Your Installer

February 15, 2022

Artificial grass popularity has exploded in recent years, and new brands are emerging in the market to sell and fix these products. So, as you’re shopping around, how do you identify which one to select? Decide by asking questions-plenty of them. There are two aspects of consideration:

One: asking the right questions while shopping around.

Two: questions on installation and care.

But before we get started, let’s go over some fundamental turf lingo that’s important to know.

Basic Artificial Grass Terminology

Backing Weight

The backing weight is the feature that holds everything together. Back weight is the total weight of the main backing and secondary coating per square yard of the synthetic turf.

Fiber Weight

Fiber weight denotes how much yarn is needed per square yard of turf. The more the face weight, the lengthier and/or more dense the synthetic turf’s grass is usually.

Total Weight

The total weight is the total66 face weight and backing weight estimate. It’s essential to know this word because each artificial turf product is sold in different ways in different companies.


Yarn can be described as the face of the grass. This is the feature that gets converted according to the colors and length you go in for. Every type of yarn has unique properties for specific purposes.


The infill is what maintains the artificial turf blades vertically, protects the backing from ultraviolet radiation, and offers us that lush, supported and an authentic experience.

Pile Height

The pile height refers to the length of the grass blades. Pile height is the feature that gives your synthetic lawn its natural look.

Questions to Ask Prior to Making the Purchase

Now that you know some of the primary artificial turf terms, let’s take a look at the important questions to ask an artificial turf business before purchasing.

1. How does your artificial turf match with other products?

Consider open-ended queries that will allow the likely turf company to explain about its products. Queries like:

  • How “realistic” does the product come across?
  • What are its main performance characteristics?
  • Is this product the appropriate option for children and/or pets?
  • What kind of warranty do you provide?

2. How many choices do you provide?

Not all synthetic turf is produced alike. The product you need for your backyard is not necessarily the same type you would get for a play area, even if there are choices to fit both.

  • Can you deliver trial models?
  • Which shade is most popular?
  • What turf varieties are advisable for my application?

3. What variety of grass is my best option?

There are many different selections of artificial grass for various needs. Remember to ask what fake grass type will best suit you

  • What kind of pile height must I choose for my use?
  • What variety of infill would you use?
  • Can you fit artificial grass on a tilted or varied landscape?

Your dog will not be able to dig through high-quality grass. But, your pet does consider the outdoors to be their bathroom. Backing/drainage systems in some models may not be created with this contingency, so ask things such as:

  • Is the artificial grass the correct choice for installations with pets?
  • How does the urine drain?
  • How do I cleanse areas where solid waste was?

5. How much will it cost?

This is among the most popular installation queries we answer. As every artificial grass installation is a tailored project, the overall outlay will depend on various aspects. Scheduling a professional to visit your property for an approximate quote is the right option to be aware of the venture, but you can look up our cost analysis sheet for a rough estimate.

Synthetic Turf Installation Questions

Now that you know a bit more about synthetic grass and have found the company you may want to set it up; here are a few essential installation questions.

1. How much time would you need for the installation?

Since every job is different, every job will have a different timeline for when the turf will be completely set. Synthetic grass installation delays should be minimal when you use a trustworthy installer. This is one task you surely do not want to do yourself.

2. Who installs my grass?

Be wary of companies that don’t specialize in artificial turf installation. Because it is a complex process, it entails meticulous skill to guarantee that your grass will stay attractive for a long time. At Shawgrass, we employ a reliable chain of dealers to fit your artificial turf so we can have certitude in the quality of your installation.

4. What’s the warranty/lifespan on my grass?

Be wary of places that provide a short warranty. Since no grass is created the same, you should consider your warranty terms. Inquire if there are any specific precautions you must follow to prevent accidents that are not included in the warranty.

5. How do I clean my turf?

Maintaining artificial turf is a lot simpler than caring for a natural lawn, but there is still some standard maintenance you will need to consider. Ask your installer ways to clean based on different tasks (removing leaves/debris, cleaning stains from spills, dealing with pet waste, rearrange infill etc.).

We Are Here To Answer You

At Shawgrass, we pride ourselves in our superior quality and workmanship. Since our products are made in the USA, we can cut down costs and extend superior products at a lower price to our clients. We invest in research and development to bring the best innovation to the synthetic turf market.

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