Why is Artificial Grass Popular For Playgrounds?

March 10, 2022

Synthetic turf is rapidly becoming the most popular selection for playgrounds and play areas across the US. Want to know why? Well, it’s no secret that real grass is tough to care for, particularly on playgrounds where using a lawnmower is tricky. Shawgrass is here to explain why moving over from real grass to artificial turf for playgrounds is a great investment.

Artificial Grass Playground Benefits

To see why artificial grass is so popular today, it’s important to see top advantages of installing a synthetic play surface.

Enhanced Safety

It's a common misunderstanding that synthetic turf could cut, burn or scrape the skin if a kid tumbles on the surface. Shawgrass blades are crafted to be smooth and nonabrasive. Our playground turf is customized for busy play areas and provides the finest in durability and value for money. Shawgrass is IPEMA-Certified and ADA accessible. This exclusive grass system is created with adequate padding to decrease the effect of falls.

Additionally, artificial grass products come to you without chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. These abrasive chemicals can be soaked into clothes and skin hours after your child is done playing. Shawgrass is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, making it impervious to molds and fungi, which can cause sensitivity in some kids.

Highly Durable

Fake turf is the perfect option for busy places like playgrounds because it is extremely durable. Although, artificial surfaces come in different forms. Shawgrass products are created and made by the same research and development team responsible for the world-class sports grounds created by Shaw Sports Turf. While the primary outlay is higher than real grass, you will make good your investment quickly with almost nil costs on maintenance.

Kids will love it while parents will welcome the absence of dirt and muck. Artificial grass is silk, dirt-free, and since it’s unattractive to pests, it’s much more inviting than a real grass surface. Also, rain won't cause muddy spots with all of its problems of mud and sun-baked dirt patches. You don't have to be concerned about storm run-off exposing play areas to chemicals. This is why several play areas and municipalities, schools, and daycares have decided to fix synthetic grass..

Enhanced Comfort

The Shawgrass Research and Development Center is involved in the process of making enhanced, safer, and luxurious artificial grass. Our products feature grass blades that are silky and skin-friendly, giving it a lush feel underfoot than other synthetic turf. Kids will love to take their shoes off and prance on our grass.

Shawgrass products are also cooler, owing to innovative technology like HydroChill, designed to pamper you, even in extreme heat. HydroChill is a patented technology developed and vetted through years of study in both a research laboratory and a everyday set-up. This precoat is used on the sand infill and initiated by adding moisture (rain or a quick sprinkle from the hose) to offer appreciable cooling for days, based on local conditions.

Fashioning Artificial Grass Play Areas

If you want to craft an astounding play area with excellent security features, we have a few solutions to allow you to start with your planning.

Pick A Theme

Begin by choosing an appropriate idea for your play area. Think of things like pirate ships, space ships, wildlife themes, or castles. You can browse the internet for themes that are a rage with the kids. You may have to mix and match various playground components to arrive at your ideal vision, but youll love it at the end.

Plan For Future Needs

Kids grow before you can blink, hence adding in different elements, so children can grow and keep coming back to the play area will help you win over the older kids too. Including a few basic elements like swings of different sizes and allocating sections of the playground to accommodate children of various ages will serve you well.

Plant Trees

When you dispose of natural grass, you may feel you can’t grow anything else in the area, but that’s a myth! You can still plant trees, privacy hedges, and other plants. Your professional turf installer will be sure to make way in the artificial grass so you can plant trees that give shade. Just be mindful of where you place the trees because if they are too close to the playground, they can be risky due to broken branches.

Light Up!

Though playgrounds are usually closed after dark, it’s still a good idea to include lighting for safety, and it can serve as a design pivot. Well-located bulbs that produce interesting shades of light can truly brighten up an area. If you wish to install ground lighting, you must go in for LED lighting as they discharge less heat, making them the best choice for synthetic turf.

Playground Safety

Whether in the backyard or a business place, the first priority of playgrounds should be safety. Fake grass on playgrounds offers a softer space for children to hurdle from swings or dive to catch a ball. The following are some key elements that make artificial turf the best choice.

  • It’s Secure - Even if a kid falls face down to the ground, they won’t have any more injury than they would from natural grass.
  • It Won’t Pull Up - When fixed properly, the turf seams won’t cause a tripping hazard.
  • It’s Padded - If children do fall, the IPEMA-Certified cushioning under turf will protect them from serious damage.
  • It’s Clean - If children spatter a drink or have an accident, artificial grass can be washed easily with water and a soft detergent if needed.


Let Us Assist With Your Playground

If you’re willing to create a fine-looking playground, Shawgrass is all set to assist. Our grass experts have set up several playgrounds across the country. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligations consult!