Yard Makeover: Artificial Turf Edition

December 20, 2021

Are you considering updating the look of your yard? Synthetic turf may be the perfect option for you! We are here to guide you through some yard makeover ideas with synthetic grass.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers mimicking the look of natural grass blades. In the 1960s, artificial turf was born and commonly installed in sports stadiums and public spaces.

In the early 1990s, artificial grass started showing up in landscaping projects. It’s especially popular in locations where water scarcity is common, low-sun yards, and locations with rugged terrain.

Shawgrass Basic System Construction 


Why You Should Use Artificial Grass

Artificial turf doesn’t require as much maintenance and is much more environmentally-friendly than conventional lawns. But that’s not all; take a look at why synthetic grass might be the best choice for your yard makeover.


Less Maintenance

Traditional lawns need frequent watering, mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and pest control. This results in a lot of harsh chemicals and a significant amount of time and money spent applying all of this maintenance. Making the change from real grass to artificial turf provides you the chance to keep your landscaping budget under control, all while looking amazing all year long.



Artificial grass can handle repeated heavy-foot traffic and will retain its color for a long time. Because synthetic turf was a popular option for sports stadiums, technology has helped it excel at durability. Because our testing protocols and procedures exceed those of even the most demanding independent labs, Shawgrass’s Research and Development Center is at the forefront of advancement in making better performing, safer, and more durable synthetic turf.


Perfect for Kids

Have kids? A Swingset on your property? Maybe you should use playground turf in the play area! Our playground turf is perfect for hightraffic areas and is ADA accessible and IPEMA Certified. Shawgrass’s exclusive turf system, with engineered padding, can easily be combined with our HydroChill cooling option, too.



Fake grass is a great product that lets you create a safe and healthy environment for pets. Your pets won’t be tracking dirt, bringing in fleas or digging holes in the yard anymore. And they will no longer have to deal with to the chemicals from fertilizing and controlling pests. Shawgrass from Dance Floor Custom Greens offers specific pet turf featuring superior drainage and is microbially safe.


Artificial Grass Yard Makeover Inspiration

With synthetic grass, the sky is the limit! There are so many styles to pick from, all of which can be installed to meet your unique needs. Look at our 8 ways you can use fake grass to completely change the look of your property.


1. Balconies

Refresh cold concrete balconies into something beautiful and soft. For example, you can use fake turf to make a more enjoyable balcony space.

Shawgrass artificial grass balcony 

2. Narrow Yards

Is the space between you and your neighbor’s home small? Does getting a lawnmower in there give you a headache every time? With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about it — it will look good all year round.

Shawgrass artificial grass for narrow yards 

3. Between Pavers

Groundcover growing between pavers soften the area as you transition from paved areas to the surrounding garden. This is a great look but challenging to maintain with natural grass. Synthetic grass provides the same look without the need for mowing.

Shawgrass artificial grass and pavers 

4. Soften Play Areas

If there are kids running around, you know they can be accident-prone. With artificial grass, they’ll have a softer, padded surface tailormade for play.

Shawgrass artificial grass play areas 


5. Green Courtyards

If you have a courtyard with regular grass that’s difficult to maintain, you’ll want to consider synthetic turf. You can still enjoy the greenery with less hassle.

Shawgrass courtyard 

6. Poolside Greenery

Taking care of organic grass around swimming pools is one of the more difficult lawncare jobs. The grass is regularly being flooded by pool water and burned in the sun. Artificial turf will give you a soft, clean space around your pool.

Shawgrass artificial grass around pool 


7. Soften Your Patio

Give your patio a refresh with artificial grass. Be sure to add potted plants for extra greenery, and your refreshed patio area will look much brighter and cleaner.



Ready for your artificial turf yard makeover?

Shawgrass is ready to help find the ideal fit for your project. If you want to check out this grass for yourself, call us at 941-927-7888 or contact Dance Floor Custom Greens today.